Day Trip to Sonoma

Last week we explored a little of Sonoma. I like small towns, greens, scenic drive and fresh air so this county is perfect for my liking.  Below are photos captured during our trip.

This is our first stop to Sonoma. Sausalito just across the Golden Gate bridge.
Hawk Hill, SF
Me trying to balance on the bars at top of Hawk Hill.
Somewhere in Petaluma on the way to Bodega Bay. It was a beauty!
Sheep skin we found in a local shop.
Local shop in Valley Ford Town
I don’t know what this is but I took a photo anyway. Still in Valley Ford Town, Bodega,
For cheese lovers! No network signal in this area though.
Beside an Inn.

We’re on our way to Occidental, Ca to experience Sonoma Canopy Tours after this stop. If you want to learn about trees and enjoy zipline, check them out! Tour guides are the best and very friendly. No pictures though because I used my camera for the tour. These are all from my phone.

After zipline we went to Dillon Beach.
On the way to Dillon Beach. This place was so surreal! It amazes me because I never thought this is in California!
Beautiful right?!

Dillon Beach is few minutes away from here. We weren’t able to enter the beach cause there’s a parking fee for $8. We just tried a cafe near the beach and waited for the sunset.

This concludes my  trip. It was short but  refreshing!  Will definitely be back because there’s more to this place.



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